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2b2t Minecraft Server

Looks like you found me! This page was created for anyone that discovers my home on the 2b2t Minecraft server. The server is located at and is the oldest "anarchy" server in existence.

The Basics

The 2b2t server has a reputation for being chaotic and dramatic within the Minecraft community. Major YouTube personalities have covered it over time, which has only increased its popularity. The main concepts on 2b2t are as follows:

  • The connection queue often takes hours unless one pays for "priority" queue ($20/month)
  • The spawn area is completely hostile for thousands of blocks in every direction
  • Many players have amassed stores of valuable items, usually by exploiting duplication glitches
  • Groups dedicated to different purposes (building, griefing, selling kits, PvP combat, etc.) inhabit the server
  • Bases are explicitly sought out, looted, and destroyed by other players

Most players take extreme measures to create a base that is private and hard to locate. I chose to build my own outpost at the coordinates for a popular real-world facility: Area 51. You'll see that the base's location matches up with the coordinates for the military base outside Rachel, Nevada.

The Outpost

Above: Twilight at the Area 51 outpost on 2b2t

It's a modest base with one small house. A pillar marks the exact coordinates and a nether flame burns in the courtyard. We've also got a copy of the 2b2t Times on the wall inside.

For those who find it, I'd like to reward the explorers and appease the griefers. The plan is to create a monument to display the names of anyone that visits. I also moved some premium items from my Ender Chest to a wooden chest in yard. There is an empty Shulker Box inside you can use to carry it all away.

Email me at or leave me a note in-game if you find the place. I know nothing lasts forever on 2b2t, but I'm hoping that the outpost gets some well-intentioned travelers over time!