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A personal FTP server hosting some documents and media
Notes on Magic: The Gathering
My own experience with the collectible trading card game
Parlor City MUSH
Info on the text-based "Parlor City" game I'm hosting
Disloops's Minecraft Server
Connect to my Bedrock survival server at:
2b2t Minecraft Server Info
A blurb about my outpost on the 2b2t "anarchy" server
Health Stuff
A catalog of all the health and wellness stuff that I work on
Soma FM
Ambient streaming radio. Provides music for DEFCON and Burning Man
I Ping Therefore I Am (IPTIA)
BBS/MUD Tracker and more with a great interface
VX Underground
Large collection of malware source code, samples, and papers
Second Part to Hell
Unique virus development resources
Virus Bulletin
Long-standing threat research organization
Number Stations
A good jumping-off point for researching Number Stations
Desert Oracle
Quarterly field guide on American desert life
National Weather Service (NWS) Radar Mosaic
Nationwide mosiac of live radar images
Cybercrime and malware blog by @Xylit0l
Krebs on Security
Investigative security news from @briankrebs
Lenny Zeltser
Infosec and malware analysis by @lennyzeltser