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VSFTPD Log Parser

I've had running for about ten years. It's an FTP host that's configured to allow anonymous connections and uploads. This creates some security risks that I wrote about when I deployed it. A previous article explored some of those risks in depth.

I recently wanted to extract all the username/password combinations I'd seen since deploying the server. Only two usernames are accepted by anonymous VSFTPD servers: Anonymous and FTP. Clients using these usernames receive a prompt for an arbitrary password. Sessions initiated with any other username are immediately ended.

To extract the authentication data, I created a script that accepts a VSFTPD log file as input. It pulls all username/password combinations from the file and exports them as text or CSV.

The script can be downloaded here:
You can see sample output from my own server here: results.txt

Note that the script is currently designed for a server that only allows anonymous connections. This VSFTPD configuration results in a specific log format since passwords are not accepted for non-anonymous usernames. The script could easily be modified to handle non-anonymous logins instead.

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